What is More Popular than Soccer?

What is More Popular than Soccer?

What do you suppose is the world’s favourite pastime? A lot of people have hobbies, but that represents a wide variety of different activities. Many people like sport, so either playing or watching sport must be one of the most popular. Children with bare feet on beaches and in fields, on concrete or on grass, in more than a hundred countries, play soccer in their free time.

Children in more than a hundred countries, play soccer in their free time – image by worldvision.com

A group of any size from six to twenty six children or adults can easily organize a game of soccer. All they need is a big enough area, with virtually any reasonably firm and smooth surface, and a ball. A couple of goals make it more realistic and exciting, and a goal can be as simple as the space between a couple of posts or even a couple of boxes. Roads that carry little traffic, all over the planet, have become soccer areas for groups of kids.

street football youth
Soccer areas can be anywhere – image by urbanpitch.com

There is even a derivative of the world’s favourite sport, called soccer, basically designed to be played by smaller teams on smooth hard surfaces. Soccer, then, in its various forms, is undoubtedly the most popular sport of all.

Even More Popular than Soccer

However, as internationally popular as soccer is, there may be a leisure activity that is even more popular. A huge number of people live in China and India, for example, Indonesia and Brazil, and very many of them do not have access to the same leisure activities as we do, but they at least have access to local markets of some sort.

crowded grocery store
There is a thing that more popular than soccer – image by eatthis.com

Almost everyone, except perhaps the Amazonian jungle natives, has at least a little expendable income. And for anybody with any expendable income, what could be more fun or more rewarding than spending it? What could be more enjoyable than shopping? How many people spend an evening a week and half a day each weekend shopping? Many of them look at a hundred times more things than they buy, and that is the reason for going to any of the modern shopping centres or retail parks. .

tu vung ielts chu de shopping Life English Center
Shopping has become so much more than just buying what you need – image by e4life.vn

Shopping is a leisure activity for many people, often involving people who are only “hanging out” with friends and have no intention to buy anything except fast food and drinks. Shopping, by definition, must mean visiting shops. Shops are generally heated in winter, air conditioned in summer, and kept in such condition as to attract customers. They are usually as attractive as their owners can make them.

People would spend hours and hours there – image by hethongbokhoe.com

Likewise, enclosed shopping centres have a variety of decorations or attractions to encourage people to hang out there. But of course not all shops are in shopping centres. Indeed, there must be more shops in high streets and old fashioned shopping precincts than in enclosed retail parks. 

Soho  scaled panorama
Not all shops are in shopping centres – image by sarahfunky.com

Even More Diverse than Sport

Shopping encompasses a huge variety of locations, budgets and, well, shops. Whether you are talking about people buying engagement rings at a diamond merchant in Brisbane or someone buying a kilt from a menswear shop in Dundee, there are always people shopping somewhere. Some people spend lots of money when they go shopping, and for them that is the point of the exercise.


Retailers must like these people. For some, on the other hand, shopping is more often a form of recreation which does not require an entry fee or a long trip. If the shops you want to buy from are very far from home, it is probably easier to go online to do your shopping. But if the shops are not far away and are located in a pleasant area, that may be the ideal location for getting together with friends.

rsz baacfedbdf
Shopping online is more and more popular – image by hanoitimes.vn

If you live in Brisbane and are looking for a kilt, you do not need to book a flight and go to Dundee. If you live in Dundee and are looking for a diamond engagement ring, you do not need to fly to Brisbane in order to buy from a merchant located in that town. Isn’t the Internet useful?


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