What is a Model’s Job? Break into Female Fashion Modeling

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It would seem at first glance that a model’s job is to look pretty. However, at this point in the process a hopeful model, who has done her research of course, will know there is a lot more to a model’s job. But just how much?

A model is, in a sense, a product. She must make sure she is presentable by working out and eating right, she must take care of herself and make sure she looks good. At the same time she must network and, “sell,” the product to photographers and the rest of the industry. This alone seems like a lot of work, but there is another part to a model’s job that many overlook.

The Jobs in a Photo ShootDepending on the size of a photo shoot, there can be a large number of non-models present. These can include; photographers, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and on. But what does each of these people do? There are really two sides to all of their jobs; the service side and the material side.

photographer shooting model in professional studio with softboxes
The Jobs in a Photo Shoot. Image by 123rf.com

The service side of each job consists of what they provide. A makeup artist provides their makeup skills. A photographer provides their photography skills. A hair stylist and a wardrobe stylist provide hair and wardrobe skills. A photoshop wizard provides their skills at retouching photos. A body painter provides their skills at body painting, and so on. Each of these people are paid to provide their services to the photo shoot.

Along with the service, however, each of these people have a material side to their job. A makeup artist, for example, not only have to have skills in applying makeup; they have to have a large collection of makeup. They must continue to renew this collection, and often need to buy new pieces to fit each shoot’s needs. Likewise, a photographer must have a camera and all the needed equipment. A wardrobe stylist must have a large collection of clothing, a hair stylist needs a large collection of hair products. A photoshop wizard will need the latest in photoshop programs, and a body painter will need to continue to buy body paints and brushes for each different shoot.

Each of these people spend their hard earned money for the material side of their job, on top of providing a service. Sometimes they charge for both time and materials, other times they charge for only one. For example, a makeup artist may charge a, “kit fee,” which covers the cost of them going out and buying new makeup for the shoot.

What is a Model's Job? Break into Female Fashion Modeling
A Model’s Job. Image by bigpicture.ru

A Model’s JobIf each job in a photo shoot involves two sides, it would stand to reason a model’s job involves two sides as well correct? Indeed a model’s job has a service side as well as a material side. However a model’s job differs from that of, say, a makeup artist. Where a makeup artist needs skills in applying makeup, a model will often need some skill in all areas; from makeup to hair to wardrobe.

Like all the other jobs, a model must have a, “collection,” of her own. This is usually based on the fact that not all photo shoots are large. It makes sense to bring a makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, etc to a large shoot; but what about a small TF shoot? In a case like this, the photographer is often in charge of bringing their camera and taking the photos. Meanwhile the model is in charge of everything else. They must do their own hair and makeup, have their own clothing, and do their original job of modeling.

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What this means for most models is that a good collection of hair products, makeup, and clothing is usually needed. Because of this models are often adding to their collection. After all, a model can only shoot in a certain outfit so many times before a new one is needed. This leads to models needing, at least, a basic skill in hair, makeup, and wardrobe. On top of keeping a good body, and practicing one’s poses, it ends up being a good amount of work. This leads to most models remaining on the lookout for good deals.

Other ExpensesAlong with the material and service sides to each job, there is another side that occurs less often. Each person (from model to hair stylist) needs to constantly update and expand their skills. Because of this, they often take classes or join workshops. Sometimes, if they are lucky, they can find these for free. More often, however, they will have to pay a fee. For example, a photographer may pay a fee to join a photographer workshop. This workshop might last a few hours, provide a few lessons, and an opportunity to practice the new skills on a few models.


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