What is a No Contest Divorce? The Truth about the Self Help Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

This article provides readers with information about the no contest divorce.

Individuals who are considering or who have decided that a divorce is their only option may be worried about the cost of an attorney. However, with a self help divorce, one can save a ton of money. It starts by ensuring that the divorce will be “no contest”, and the information below will help individuals understand exactly what that is – as well as the truth about the self help divorce.

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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is when the defendant will not fight the divorce in court – when he or she agrees also that the divorce is the best decision. When a couple splits amiably, and has decided where their possessions will be going and how the custody arrangements with the children will work, they are going through an uncontested divorce.

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It’s important for couples to try to work things out on their own because this will save them money with the attorney and it will save them time in court. To learn more about contested and uncontested divorces, visit Legal Zoom. 

Can One File for a Self-Help Divorce?

There are no laws that require an individual to hire an attorney in order to obtain a divorce. While hiring an attorney is a wise decision, still, many people choose to obtain self-help divorces in order to save money. Individuals who decide to go this route should research and determine which forms their local divorce court needs in order for the divorce to be legitimate.

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They can obtain those forms online easily and file them with the court for a small fee. A self-help divorce will depend entirely upon whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. It’s important that the couple has everything solved before attempting a self-help divorce.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is not quite a DIY divorce, but it can be a way for couples to solve their differences, make important decisions regarding the assets and children, and save money on their divorce. Mediation is when a neutral, third party who is trained in mediation helps the couple make important decisions and also helps them to split more amicably.

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Typically, couples who use mediation will come to a decision more quickly about the important topics, and they will be less hostile toward each other. Most families with children agree that mediation is a good way to avoid the nasty battles of court that can traumatize the whole family.

Is a DIY Divorce Wise?

There are websites all over the internet that help individuals save money by providing them with divorce forms and instructions.

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This allows those folks to avoid hiring an attorney unless absolutely necessary. If individuals have solved their issues regarding the assets and the custody rights of the children, a DIY divorce may be better than taking it to court with an attorney.

The best candidates for a DIY divorce are couples with little assets or who have already decided where the assets will go – and those with no children. This is because there is less to decide and less of a chance that things could become hostile.

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By using the information above, individuals can learn how to get a self help divorce and part amicably rather than fighting the long, nasty divorce battles that can sometimes happen with an attorney in court.

This article is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. Always consult a professional with questions or concerns when seeking a divorce.


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