What is Citrine? Gemstones, Beading Supplies and Design Ideas

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While natural citrine is quite uncommon (most commercially available citrine is, in actuality, artificially heated amethyst or smoky quartz) the beauty of the stone remains undiminished. Furnished in a warm array of yellows and gold, citrine is a wonderful gem for use in modern, stylish jewelry.

November’s Birthstone a Style Staple – Citrine Rounds, Nuggets, Chips

Citrine is one of the birthstones associated with November. Image by enstock2c.top

Citrine is one of the birthstones associated with November and would be popular for this reason alone, all aesthetic considerations aside! The stone is normally translucent to some degree, clear and bright.

Citrine rounds are excellent accent beads in a bright summer necklace (paired with white freshwater pearls or pastel pearls) and will also always pair quite well with amber, carnelian, yellow or lemon jade, and peridot.

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Image by gem.app

Citrine nuggets of an irregular shape are best used with other translucent stones of the same style – amber, red aventurine, and coral being some excellent choices for a rather bohemian piece. The asymmetrical and unpredictable aesthetic combined with the quality of the gems used in creating such a piece makes for a truly eye catching combination.

Citrine chips make for beautiful floating necklaces – a very popular and classic styling – as either sole gemstones or as accent or focal beads. Such delicate and slight necklaces look very elegant when paired with the pale gold colouration of the citrine stone. Be sure to use remaining gemstone chips on a pair of matching earrings!

What Gemstones Should I Pair with Citrine?

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Citrine, Sodalite, Blue Spot Jasper and Amazonite. Image by flowingsouldesigns.com

Citrine is generally matched with other translucent gems as well as gems that match the characteristic yellow. As mentioned above, amber, red adventurine, and coral are staple suggestions – however, don’t rule out other strong contenders such as yellow aragonite, cherry quartz, blue lace agate (yellow and blue are natural compliments), and lapis lazuli.

One thing to keep in mind when working citrine into a potential necklace or bracelet design is it’s affinity for like gemstones of the quartz family. While citrine is generally fairly expensive as compared to some other semi-precious gems, it will wear extremely well and bespeak an element of sophistication for the piece in question.

More unconventional (yet attractive) pairing choices include aquamarine, blue brazil agate, fire agate (for a volcanic, fiery look rounded out with jet or onyx), or sunstone.


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