What is Digital Scrapbooking? Digi-Scrapping for Beginners

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Whether you are a complete beginner to scrapbooking or an experienced scrapper, digital scrapbooking can be an exciting alternative to traditional scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking combines the traditional art of making scrapbooks with new technology. Instead of creating scrapbooks from physical pieces of paper and printed photographs, digital scrapbooks are created using a computer.

Digital scrapbooking is making scrapbook with computer

Why should you start digital scrapbooking? There are many good reasons.

Easy to get started

Digital scrapbooking is easy to start. For people who are used to manipulating photographs for sharing or traditional scrapbook projects, the next step of creating digital scrapbooks is often very easy to take.

Making digital scrapbooking is easy and no need physical pieces of paper or embellishments – image by pearlmounainsoft.com

Accessible -digital scrapbooking is extremely accessible and people can start digital scrapbooking with the minimum of materials or equipment. As all the elements are digital, there are no physical pieces of paper or embellishments that need to be purchased.

Low cost

There are a few items that are essential for digital scrapbooking. Assuming that you already have a computer, the other items include software and scrapbooking elements. While a graphics package is required to create digital scrapbook projects, these need not be expensive.

Software such as Photoshop may well be out of a beginner’s budget, however Adobe Photoshop Elements is much cheaper and can be a great low-cost way to get started. Graphics packages with layers are best for digital scrapbooking.

free digital scrapbooking project life downloads
Digital scrapbooking might be free – image by justjaimee.com

Photographs used in digital scrapbooking projects must also be digital. This means that a digital camera is necessary. However printed photographs can be scanned using a home scanner or a scanning service. The elements required to make digital scrapbooks are one of the other key requirements.

Digital scrapbooking elements are often much cheaper than the physical alternative, with many free options available.

Huge variety of elements

There is a rich selection of digital scrapbooking elements available. These include background papers, digital embellishments such as buttons and bows, and even digital stamps. Other digital items such as fonts are widely available with free and low cost options.

digi kit
These include background papers, digital embellishments such as buttons and bows, and even digital stamps – image by scrapaneers.com

As these digital products are generally available online, a digital scrapbooker can find a wealth of interesting and inspiring digital elements from all over the world.

Quick and convenient

Digital products are often delivered immediately and this saves the need to wait for an item to be delivered or to go the stores. This means that digital scrapbook projects can be undertaken quickly. One of the conveniences of digital scrapbooking is that pages can be shared in a variety of ways. A single page can also be shared with many friends and family members without having to recreate it several times.

review of hp pavilion dv notebook pc
A digital scrapbook – image by hubpages.com

While the printing of a digital scrapbook is a popular option, there are many other options that offer a low-cost alternative. These include sharing scrapbooks online where a wide variety of people can view and comment.

Digital scrapbooking is a versatile way to produce your own special albums, offering a low-cost and exciting way to save your memories.

Sharing scrapbooks online so people can view and comment – image by appadvice.com


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