What is Real-time Fantasy Football?


Real-time fantasy football is one of the most popular games in the world today. The basic idea behind fantasy football is that an individual will choose a team of professional football players from the available players in the NFL. Then when the games are played, those players will accumulate stats and will earn points for their owners based on those stats. Here are the basics of real-time fantasy football and how it works.

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Finding a League

There are many different leagues that an individual could choose to join when they desire to play fantasy football. For example, one could join a Fox fantasy football league, an ESPN fantasy football league, or even a Yahoo fantasy football league.

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Each system has different features and different aspects that make it unique. However, the basic idea behind all of the different leagues are the same. An individual wants to try to collect the best players in the NFL so that they will be able to benefit from their stats.

Fantasy Football Scoring

Every league has different fantasy football scoring rules. Players will generally be awarded for scoring touchdowns and accumulating yards. Quarterbacks will be rewarded for pass completions and receivers will be rewarded for catches.

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The amount of points for a touchdown in most leagues is six. In some leagues, the only award four point for a touchdown. When joining a league, it is important to read the rules and scoring system that is associated with it.

Choosing Players

At the beginning of the league, members will undergo a draft process. This can be done through an online draft or it can be done in person. The basic idea behind this process is that players will take turns choosing from the available pool of players in the NFL. They will get to choose a certain number of players from each offensive skill position.

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In addition to choosing players through the draft, individuals will also be able to pick up players off of the waiver wire that are not selected in the draft. Individuals can also trade players with other teams in order to acquire certain players.

Maintaining the Team

Throughout the season, individuals have to make adjustments to their lineup. Every week, they will need to potentially change the starters on the team based on match ups and injuries. Each player will also have a bye week in which they will not be playing. Players have to take this into consideration when choosing a lineup for the week.

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Many players seek out fantasy football advice from various sources such as weekly columns and television shows for this process. When playing fantasy football, it is important to go with instinct as no one is really sure what will happen during a football game.



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