What is Wedding & Civil Partnership Insurance: Policies that Cover Weddings, Civil Partnerships & Receptions

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What is Wedding & Civil Partnership Insurance

Even the smallest wedding, civil partnership ceremony and reception can work out to be costly. Larger events can cost tens of thousands. What happens to this cash if something goes wrong on the day? This could leave many couples and families seriously out of pocket. Wedding and civil partnership event and reception insurance may be worth looking at.

What is Wedding/Civil Partnership Ceremony and Reception Insurance?

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This kind of policy is designed to give financial protection in the event that something goes wrong before or during a wedding ceremony and reception. There are many different problems that could happen before or on the big day. Having to deal with them may be stressful enough without having to worry about paying extra to fix them or losing deposits/payments.

What Kinds of Cover Does a Weddings Insurance Policy Give?

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Most wedding policies are designed to help with specific issues that could leave a couple out of pocket. These commonly include:

  • Cancellation or postponement: If a wedding cannot take place due to problems such as extremely bad weather or illness/accident to a key member of the party then some policies will pay out to have the day rescheduled.
  • Problems with suppliers: If one of the suppliers to a wedding goes out of business or fails to deliver on their contract then the policy may help recover deposits and monies paid. It may also pay for the costs of making alternative arrangements.
  • Photograph/video problems: If the photos or video of the wedding day do not turn out OK then many policies will fund the costs of having them taken again by getting the important members of the wedding party together on another date to have them retaken.
  • Loss, theft or damage: Most policies will cover key components of the wedding day and reception against theft, loss or damage. This may, for example, include the wedding rings, dresses and suits, cakes, flowers, presents and jewellery.
  • Public liability cover: Most wedding insurance plans will include this cover as standard. This protects the couple in the event that property is damaged or someone attending the wedding ceremony or reception has an accident.

It’s worth bearing in mind (and checking with any potential policy) that this kind of insurance may not cover all incidents and eventualities. Most will not, for example, cover engagement rings although these can often be easily added to a home insurance policy. Those looking to get married overseas may also need a specially designed policy.

Marquee cover may be offered but not as part of the base policy and often incurs an additional charge. Finally, no wedding insurance policy will cover for cancellation due to one of the couple (or indeed both of them!) simply having a change of mind and deciding that they don’t actually want to get married.

When is the Best Time to Take Out a Wedding Day Insurance Policy?

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Most insurance companies recommend that a policy is put into place once the wedding/reception starts to be organised and deposits are paid/arrangements are booked. Although many start planning their wedding over a year before the event some insurers will have a maximum time-line and won’t insure too early or too close to the date. This is worth checking before taking out a policy.

Is Honeymoon Insurance Covered by a Wedding Policy?

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Is Honeymoon Insurance Covered by a Wedding Policy? Image by pexels.com

Most wedding insurance cover is meant to deal with the day itself and won’t include travel insurance for the honeymoon. This may need to be organised separately either with the same insurer or with an alternative trip provider. Those organising an overseas wedding may also want to consider a specialist policy.

Compare Wedding Insurance Policies to Find the Cheapest Cost

It’s worth shopping around (online insurance comparison sites may be useful here) to compare wedding cover products. Whilst putting the right features and benefits in place is important, it is also worth looking to find low cost options which could save some money on premium costs.


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