What is online dating? Trends of the future

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So you are ready to step in to the world of online dating, but you do not know what it is. If you are older than 50 years, you probably heard your grandchildren telling you they are going to sign you up to one of those online dating. You are confused and scare. You do not want to post your picture online where everyone could see it. Online dating could be a bad thing, and a good thing.

Online dating can be good or bad thing for you – image by awesomejelly.com

The reason I say it could be a bad thing is because there is a lot of crazy people out there. You might end up dating a killer or violent person.

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Online dating could be bad thing if you end up dating with bad people – image by money.cnn.com

Online dating could also be good. The good thing about online dating is very easy, you could look at millions of profiles and decide if you want to date them. You could view some of their information like age, occupations and what they like to do in their spare time. Online dating could minimize time on looking for that special someone.

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You could look at millions of profiles and decide if you want to date them – image by finssmes.com

There are two online dating sites that I heard about. One is Eharmony; they promote this online dating in commercials. I like Eharmony site, because it looks like this is a very serious online date site. They require small amount money for membership for a year. This site would ask you your status. If you are divorce they require a paper stating when you got divorce. They do not accept people who are separated from their spouse. They like to keep everything clean. They also ask you a bunch of questions which take like a hour. The purpose of these questions are because they want to pair you up with the right person.

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Eharmony is a trusted online dating site – image by top5.com

The other online dating that I know is Match.com.They also required a small fee for their service. The only difference is this site lets you do your own search for a mate. I like this site because there is not lot of questions to answer.

Match.com lets you do your own search for a mate – image by datingsitesguide.com

Well if you are looking for that special someone, and do not have time to date around, I would suggests dating online. Eharmony and Match.com are two good sites. But be sure to do your own research before you go on a date with the person. If the person you are going to date is a local, do a background check by looking at court records.

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Be sure to do your own research before you go on a date with the person – image by petceteraneworleans.com


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