What Exactly is a True Friendship?

Friendship issues

First of all we should know that in this world you can have only one or maybe two best friends. There are many categories of friends and some of them aren’t so good.

Firstly, we have the ones that stay with you only for something, we can call them FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. This friendship doesn’t involve feelings or any thing that a true friendship means. If you have some friends like these, you should get rid of them.

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You should get rid of friends with benefits – image by wikihow.org

Secondly, there are the friends that are for a certain period of time, we can call them TIMING FRIENDS. These are the ones that are friends with you for a certain period of time. They may be colleagues or the team for work. They are you friends but only a period of time, they listen to you but they don’t care if you have really big problems.

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And, at the end of the list there are the TRUE FRIENDS. You can make them at any age. In childhood you can make your first best friend. After the friendship is build, you can fight, you can argue, you can make mistakes, your true friend will always be there for you. Even though you reject him/her or the problem makes you separate a true friend will always come back in your life and with very good timing.

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True friends always know if you are hurt or if need something, they know you better than anyone.

A true friend is the person that shares everything with you: money, feelings, joys, tears, happiness. You can tell him/her any of your problems and he will deal with them and you won’t need to worry that he/she will hurt you or tell other ones what are your problems.

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Well speaking from my point of you and from my experience my best friend hurt me. But hurt me in the good way. I was once very sad and I suffered a lot because of my ex boyfriend. She told me that I should get back to my old life without him and that he doesn’t deserve my tears but at that moment I thought that she was trying to make me break up with him only because she wants me to be unhappy.

I thought she was jealous, but I was wrong – image by pinterest.com

But after getting over, I realized that she was right. And she was, is and will always be behind me to support me in everything and give me strength when I am weak. I will always thank her for this and always be there when she needs something. A FRIEND IN NEED, IS A FRIEND IN DEED.

So, good luck finding your best friend.


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