What is Your Own Personal Definition of Happiness


To me, happiness is not all about me. It is about living in a better world that benefits us all. If we lived in a better world, naturally it would benefit me too. But I do not want happiness to be all about me. That would be self-serving, conceited, arrogant and egotistical.

Naturally, there are things that I would like to improve in my life, that are directly and indirectly linked to my own personal state of existence. Finding a good soul mate, where you do not have to go through so many endless headaches, problems and fights.

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Happiness is finding a good soul mate – image by michelleknight.com

Nevertheless, I would still want her to be headstrong-to keep me on my toes-as most women do with men anyways. My eyebrow would probably profoundly arch if she were weak and submissive.

Happiness would find me with a woman more compromising, more in depth loving, caring and affection on both sides. As her mate, I would love to just lay across her, in serene bliss…without a care in the world for that moment. For that split-second in time, I would reside on an idyllic plane of co-existence, merging my consciousness with hers in a stellar revelation of profound thought and wisdom.

Happiness is spending time with soul mate – image by yesmagazine.org

We would be in a happy union of co-operation, sacrifice and profound love. Sure, the fights would still be there, as what relationship ever goes without a fight. The partners would die of boredom if there were no disagreements.  After all, the Earthly plane is for the living—not the dead. But in my version of happiness, we would interconnect on so many hitherto unknown levels of infinite love and spirituality that in fact we would be that much closer to the creator.

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Happiness is sometimes having fight – image by missmalini.com

Therefore, happiness would be a better love life that is free of the insecurities on both sides. A love that although is not inextricably and violently challenged, still retains an almost Shakespearean fire to it. In other words, it is something that does not dissolve into boredom and tedium, and retains enough mystery and allure to keep both partners in love-exuding it through fights once in a while-that leads to a stronger love.

In effect, the fights would have an allure to them, as we would synchronize on so many levels, that we would open up more doors of love through the fights that would become less “fights” and more “keys’ ‘ to our love.

After all, we will know what is happiness and love – image by mediaaks.com

In essence, better loves would lead to a better world for us all.  Spreading better and stronger bonds of love through the global mindset infects everybody in a most positive way.  Therefore, my definition of happiness is completed in a most positive circle from the world to me—and from me to the world. 

I become one small link in an infinite chain.  Although it will never be all about me, it will be my caring and love, quantified and qualified by so many others that helps to bring a better world for us all. 

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Better loves would lead to a better world for us all – image by scripps.org


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