What is Your Fashion Style? Have Fun Tweaking Your Core Look

What is Your Fashion Style?

I was just online, shopping for myself, and all of the clothing options began to overwhelm me for a moment. So, ENTP personality that I am, I decided to come up with a shorthand way to simplify the shopping process.

How to Simplify Clothes Shopping

kids in adelaide boho luxe market
boho. Image by kidsinadelaide.com.au

After years of minor mistakes and major personal-fashion disasters, I’ve decided that any woman can classify her main style as one of these two looks:

  • Classic
  • Boho

Your Primary Fashion Style

Here are some examples of classic:

  • Trendy Classic
  • Modern Classic
  • Casual Classic
THE CLASSIC MODERN LOOK. Image by atfirstblushandco.com

Here are some examples of boho:

  • Daily Boho
  • Sexy Boho
  • Boho for Work

So, which one are you? To me, the difference sometimes comes down to skirts and pants.

  • Knee-Length Skirts (classic) vs Tea-Length Skirts (Boho)
  • Tailored Slacks (classic) vs Leggings (Boho)

Yes, it is a bit of a generalization and there is a lot of overlap. For example, miniskirts and mini dresses can be classic or boho, depending on the design. However, if you can put on a tailored jacket with tailored pants, and you can keep this outfit on for five minutes, I would consider you to be classic. On the other hand, if wearing a traditional knee-length belted dress makes you want to cry, you are more boho.

Preppy, Goth, Grunge, Romantic, Rocker Chic?

Normally, those “What’s Your Fashion Style?” quizzes have too many possible results. I believe that some women may be able to wear both classic and boho styles, but most women feel more comfortable in one or the other.

When you know you are basically “classic” or basically “boho”, you can look at online photos and say, “Oh, that’s not me. I need something more offbeat and boho,” or “I can’t wear that classic 50s shirtdress even though I love it,” or, “That long flowing skirt with the tribal print is just not me.”

Keeping this in the front of your mind just makes online shopping a lot more fun. And, you won’t have to return as many purchases.

What I’m talking about, when I bring up classic or boho, is the core, the starting point, the essence of who you are. It’s not that the other classifications, like sporty or Goth or preppy, are not real. They are absolutely real, but they are a bit like subsets of, or add-ons to, Boho or Classic.

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Various Ways to Change Your Look

Rocker Chic style. Image by br.pinterest.com

After you have found your basic style, then you can play with all the different variables. You can tweak your look any way that you want. Some girls know exactly what they are and how they want to look when they are 13 years old. This type of girl is usually classic and she can just follow classic fashion rules to look great. Other girls like to have a lifetime of change. Anyway, here are different ways you can tweak your classic or boho core:

  • Rocker Chic
  • Tomboy/Sporty
  • Menswear/Androgynous
  • Grunge
  • Goth
  • Victorian
  • Renaissance
  • Nautical
  • Edgy/Avant-Garde
  • Romantic
  • Eclectic/Eccentric
  • Mod
  • Punk
  • Hippie
  • Preppy
  • Lolita
  • Glam/Futuristic
  • Elegant
  • Casual
  • Artsy
  • Retro/Vintage
  • Curvy/Sexy
  • Industrial
  • Colorful
  • Come Up With Your Own

I hope that I am explaining this in a way that makes sense and is helpful to you when you are shopping for your next coat, party dress, or business outfit. Sure, you are stuck with job-related pressures towards conformity. However, the rest of the time, you get to be your true self. Don’t be afraid to be the real you.


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